Yoga classes in the summer

The Monday evening yoga classes at the Mildmay Community Centre are still on.

The classes will run until 30 July and then I will take a break over August.

If you would like to attend, you are welcome to drop in over the next few weeks.

The class starts at 7:45 pm and is held at the Mildmay Community Centre, Woodville Road which is just a few minutes walk from Newington Green.

Contact me for further details.

Yoga classes starting in September

The Monday evening yoga classes will be starting again on 18 September.

All levels of experience and flexibility are welcome.

Class time: 7.45pm – 8.45pm
Location: Mildmay Community Centre, N16
Price: £5 per class for members, £6 for non-members

To sign up for the classes, contact me or sign up at Mildmay Community Centre.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the community centre, please complete the form and send or drop it off at the Mildmay Community Centre.

Membership Form